Woah, haven’t logged on in forever. How are you guys?

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I’m sorry, but I’ve been slowly drifting away from RPing, and I feel like I’m only wasting my time on this account. So I’m going on hiatus. I’ve lost my spark for writing replies, everything having to do with this account really. That being said, replies will be on hold; please do not rush me, since it’s obvious I’m not going to get to them until my writers block is gone, stumped for good.


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Reminder that Viridi is called King of Nature in the japanese version ✿◕‿◕✿

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Send my character a ► and a command. They must obey.



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Who wants a gift in their askbox for them?


Who knows what you’re going to get!
Asks, M!As, drabble scenarios…


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{Down, Draco Goddess}
- jerrod-king-of-endenia


The first to put “Down Boy/Girl” in my ask owns my muse on a leash for three days


Animal modifications up to sender ((Neko, Puppy, Fox, ect))

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rebloggable, as requested :) 

this is the most accurate description of how awful periods are that i have ever read.  *slow applauds*



Do I even dare

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[brightestgoddess:] Not a lot of people are from France on this forum, it’s kind of sad to say so. But, there’s no need to get down about it. What’s your hometown like? Is there anything special about it?

Oh dear. That’s quite a shame. It is hard to advertise everywhere, however, so I suppose there is just not enough word on the streets. It gives you the chance to meet many foreigners, however, does it not? 

And my hometown… is very special, at least to me. It is more of a municipal district than a town, however… it is full of history, and such life. It has become a giant centre of fashion in Japan, and is known around the world for how eclectic it is… I love Shibuya very much, she is very dear to my heart. 

[brightestgoddess:] …She? I’m not even going to ask. France was always such a lively place; I moved from there ages ago, but today it’s still thriving strangely. Sometimes I drop down and visit though, since it’s such a wonderful place if you’re interested in their culture and such.

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